Original Braunvieh, dual purpose, heat adapted Swiss Breed

In Zeerust (North part from South Africa), Cois Harman is breeding Original Braunvieh with success. He used the semen from Swiss bulls with great success. When Cois Harman decided to farm with Original Braunvieh, the decisive factors were the exceptional characteristics of the breed regarding meat, milk, calm temperament and heat resistance. It is a well-adapted breed which not only ensures a monthly cash flow due to milk production, but which also fills the owner with pride when the calf is sold at the auction.

The Original Braunvieh performs best of all breeds due to its exceptional ability to walk as well as to produce high quality milk from the natural and even poor pastures. Due to the large demand for Original Braunvieh’s bulls and the importance of the performance of the herd, this farm focuses on rapid growth, good weight gain after weaning in relation to feed intake, hardiness and adaptability.

The excellent dual-purpose characteristics of the Braunvieh breed motivated Cois in 1998 to buy a herd. Initially, he wanted to milk the cows directly from the veld and to sell the milk to the local dairy. The instability of the dairy market in that area, combined with the fact that Cois was only a part-time farmer forced him to quit the milking and rather leave the calves with their mothers.

Since September 2004, he started weighing all his cattle frequently. As a consequence, he soon noticed that the calves were growing much faster. As they grew, he also noticed that the calves of some bulls were growing faster than others, especially between the fifth and seventh months.

Suited for extensive productions system in hot climate areas, Original Braunvieh from Switzerland is the best choice!

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