Simmental: where the original comes from!

The Simmental (german for Simme Valley) in Switzerland is the birthplace of one of the most spread breeds in the world: the Simmental! For centuries this breed has been exported to south Germany, Austria, France and even Russia, eventually becoming the ancestor of multiple breeds like German Fleckvieh and Montbelliarde.

In this valley, Peter Wyssmüller lives and farms a passionate Simmental breeder at 1’150 m.a.s.l. For him, the resilient Simmental breed is especially well adapted. “In the summer we graze the animals at slopes up to 2’300 m.a.s.l., without concentrates to produce cheese. I need a resistant cow that makes the most out of grass.” He stresses that this dual-purpose breed provides good milk and beef performance, with top udder and good feet and legs. He says “Simmental cows are particularly suitable for extensive farming. They have a very good adaptability to pasture and they are known for the excellent metabolic stability.”

Choose the original, use Swiss Simmental!


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